Executive Judgment Acquisition

Our company gives businesses and individuals the opportunity to turn their court awarded money judgments into cash. There are no upfront costs, the process is simple, and can be done via email or regular mail.  Eighty percent of all money judgments are never collected. These judgments are often recorded with the court and left to sit dormant in hopes that someday they will be paid. In most cases, the truth is that if nothing is done to force payment, nothing will ever be collected.

Our company purchases these uncollected money judgments and takes control of them through the process of assignment. We will pay up to 50% of the amount owed on the judgment.

We have been successful in turning these worthless pieces of paper into cash since 2006, and are interested in doing business with you if you have one judgment or hundreds of them. 

We are interested in judgments in which the debtors owe more than $5,000. We will investigate to determine if there is a reasonable chance to enforce your judgment(s), but please keep in mind, some judgments are not viable due various circumstances (bankruptcy,  defunct business entities, etc).

We would like to discuss with you the possibility of a sale and assignment of your uncollected judgment(s). Please contact us if you have an interest in pursuing what we feel is truly a win-win situation.